VAK Titel der Veranstaltung Dozent/In Semester
08-26-5-M13-2 Redistributive Policies in Action: A Research Seminar with Stata
Laura Seelkopf WiSe 2015/16

Deutscher Titel: Umverteilungspolitik in Anwendung: Ein Forschungsseminar mit Stata

The world has cut poverty in half. At the same time, income inequality within nation states is rising, while income inequality across countries still remains high. Yet, governments around the world have a whole policy toolkit at their disposal to address poverty and inequality. These include traditional policies such as redistributive taxation, social protection or education as well as newer policies such as conditional cash transfers or long-term care. How do these policies look like and what political and economic factors influence them?

The goal of this research seminar is to enable participants to conduct their own statistical analysis. Students will choose a specific redistributive policy and learn how to analyze it using Stata. They will learn to generate their own datasets, describe the dependent variable with graphs and summary statistics, and analyze the relationship between independent variable(s) and dependent variable using bivariate measures and multivariate regressions.

Requirements: An understanding of descriptive statistics and regression analysis. No prior knowledge of Stata is necessary. The success of the seminar depends on active and regular participation.

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